About the Book

“The Story the Little Christmas Tree Told is a wonderful representation and reminder of God’s love and care for us!  The perfect tree chosen by families each year as depicted in this book is a special part of celebrating CHRISTmas as well as cresting unforgettable memories for years to come.”  ~Jennifer, Christmas tree farm owner


Otis and Louise around 1919

Otis and Louise around 1919

Alice and Harry Manley

Alice and Harry Manley in 1930

The Story the Little Christmas Tree Told

How This Story Came to Be

Valerie Woebkenberg, Sylvia Hill, and Diane Ingels grew up hearing their father, Otis Ingels, tell about holidays spent with his grandparents, Alice and Harry Manley, in the small town of Laurel, Indiana.

Recently, while looking through a family Bible, Sylvia found a story Alice has written in 1923 about a special Christmas the family had shared when Otis was a boy.  Now the three sisters have blended their great-grandmother’s simple tale with their father’s childhood memories to create a timeless story about gifts of love and the true spirit of Christmas.

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