Christmas in July

The 4th of July has passed-what a celebration of the birth of our wonderful nation filled with traditions, parades, cookouts, and lots of beautiful fireworks!

Christmas in July, although certainly not an official holiday, is celebrated with its own traditions around the world.  The phrase “Christmas in July” seems to have its origin in 1933 at Camp Keystone, a girl’s summer camp in North Carolina.  The campers had a mid-summer celebration with a Christmas tree, gifts, and a surprise visit from Santa Claus.  Soon after that, in 1940, Hollywood released the movie Christmas in July.  In this comedy, an office clerk (Dick Powell) dreams of better things as he enters a coffee company slogan contest.  In 1979, two holiday favorites made an appearance together in the animated Rudolph and Frosty’s Christmas in July.  

With families spread across the country, getting together in December is often impossible so Christmas in July vacations are planned to take advantage of more favorable weather.  I know of a couple that may not have the opportunity to be together in December so they are planning to spend Christmas in July in Frankenmuth, Michigan.  There they will experience the sights and sounds of Christmas, reflect on the spiritual gifts of the season, and experience the love that is Christ.

With Christmas being a summer holiday in the southern hemisphere, Yulefest or Half-Christmas celebrations are popular in Australia with many who enjoy a winter holiday feel and taking advantage of the peek season of the snowfields.  Also from the southern hemisphere is the most interesting story I came across.  At the McMurdo Station in Antarctica, during a July of extreme weather conditions, supplies were parachuted in to the station.  The sight of the supplies, gifts, and letters falling from the sky reminded the personnel at the station of Santa Claus, and the celebration of Christmas in both July and December began.

American retailers began the practice of advertising Christmas in July sales in the 1950’s.  To a Christmas lover like me, it’s never too early to think of Christmas.  I begin my Christmas shopping when I come across something special for someone on my gift list.  If you like to get an early shopping start, please contact us to purchase a book.  We’ll add a personalized message and include a copy of “Between the Covers,” a Christmas Seek and Find, with a sweet holiday frame.

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