The Beauty of Fall


Fall is officially here with the cooler weather and beautiful leaves we expect in the Midwest.  Halloween candy is in the stores; decorations and costumes are appearing everywhere.  Craft stores feature fall decorations near the entrance, but Christmas is just an aisle or two away.

I enjoy the cool mornings, sunny afternoons, and the beautiful trees, but I see fall as a sign of what’s to come, preparing us for winter.  As an author of a children’s Christmas book it’s a time of busyness that means being prepared when the Christmas season really begins.  I look forward to Advent and all of the traditions that lead us to the celebration of the greatest gift of love.

The Story the Little Christmas Tree Told  is a story of waiting and getting ready, being prepared for when the time was right.  The little tree stood waiting, growing slowly, and longing to be part of something greater.  It has all of the elements of Advent, waiting, hope, anticipation of someone special, a loving family, and the celebration that comes only when the time is right-an old story, new every year.

I’m scheduling events to share The Story the Little Christmas Tree Told with schools, libraries, and scout troops.  Book signings at bookstores and craft shows are filling up the calendar.  Please consider making this heartwarming story a part of your Christmas collection or start a tradition for someone special.

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